Guild Wars 2 shares another chapter of Tyrian Travels

Leave it, homes. I'm chilling.

The regular installments of Guild Wars 2‘s Tyrian Travels feature tell the story of an asura named Vikki and her moa named Momo, and they contain no combat mechanics. Instead, they just show life in the game world at the lower level, what it’s like to just be traveling across Tyria and dealing with the world. The fourth installment has just gone live, with Vikki and Momo crossing into Kryta and arriving at the nearest moa ranch.

For lore fans, there’s quite a lot to enjoy and plenty to chew on, complete with a Halloween-themed dream to complete the setpiece. If you’re looking for information on skill balance, though, you’ll likely be left wanting; it’s just a cute bit of lore fiction for those who enjoy precisely that.

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