Revelation Online’s Chinese version adds the stealthy Assassin

Sneak and stab.
Those of us here in the US have to wait a little bit longer for Revelation Online to start in on beta testing, but the game is already out in China and adding new stuff. The game’s latest Chinese update added the Assassin class, complete with a new trailer heralding its arrival. You should enjoy it, it’s the last time you’re going to see the Assassin; that’s the whole thing, they’re stealth fighters.

Chinese players also have new housing options by the edge of the sea, better housing decoration options, and new class bases for each specific class. It’ll be some time before all of these features arrive in the Western version, which is starting up its closed beta on November 3rd, but it’s nice to know that all of this is in the pipe even after the game launches here.

Source: Dulfy

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