Crowfall outlines its persistent world testing schedule

All of the time.

There comes a point with any game’s testing when you have to just turn on the servers and leave them on. Sure, it’s nice to be able to bring them up and down as needed, but the finished game is going to be on all the time; you need to prove that can work. Crowfall has started its persistent world testing, with the first round of tests working successfully, and now it’s time to keep moving forward with the persistent testing with even more persistence.

The next test is planned to run for over 50 hours, starting on November 4th and running until November 6th. Players in the Alpha 2 Kickstarter group will be invited first, followed by the rest of the Alpha 2 players, with the ultimate goal being to have all Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 backers in the game for testing on November 11th. Your progress will be saved between testing phases, as well, so you don’t need to worry about starting over each time around. These are big steps toward consistent persistence, which should be enough to have any Crowfall fans eagerly awaiting their chances to test out the game’s builds.

Crowfall recently announced that it’s gathered $3 million US in crowdfunding, for a total of $10 million raised.


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