EverQuest II shows off the Ascension classes for Kunark Ascending

Marbleface McSpheretummy

When EverQuest II’s next expansion hits, players are going to be progressing through an entirely new set of classes. The new Ascension classes are previewed in the newest update, with each one starting off by allowing players to shift into a powerful form that converts ability damage to a specific elemental form. Elementalists radiate cold, Etherealists bring out magic damage, Geomancers utilize crushing damage, and Thaumaturges convert ability damage to disease.

But that’s not hardly all that the new classes offer as players progress through the four of them; it’s just that other abilities are gated by making use of scrolls. Using a scroll allows players to earn experience for an Ascension class, but only a certain amount of experience. A new scroll is available daily, but players can stockpile the scrolls if they wish. This content is only available to max-level players, but it should provide another means of advancement and new options for players as they move through the newest expansion.


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