Kakao Games signs on as publisher for Bluehole’s next MMO, Project W

Perhaps like this, but with pants for ladies?

What is Project W? Is it part of the most ambitious ARG ever that kicked off with last night’s World Series win by the Cubs? Probably not, but it is definitely Bluehole Studios’ next game after TERA. And it has a publisher now in Kakao Games, so that’s good to know even if we don’t know what the game actually is yet.

Kakao Games has signed on to publish the title in both Korea and North America, so you can be at least relatively assured that Project W will be making its way here sooner rather than later. More information about the game is slated to be released at a later date. For now, feel free to speculate with the knowledge that you’ll get to see it… and maybe keep a close eye on Wrigley Field just in case.


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