BlizzCon 2016: Diablo’s 20th anniversary panel liveblog


Has it really been two decades since Diablo first showed up on the computer gaming scene? Apparently so because why else would BlizzCon 2016 host a panel on its 20th anniversary? It’s not for birthday presents, I can tell you that much.

So what wonders will be unveiled as we take a trip down memory lane from the first game’s hacking at monsters in dark dungeons to Diablo III‘s hacking at monsters in slightly brighter outdoor regions that are structured like dungeons? Well, I’d tell you now, but I don’t know. Come on down with us as we liveblog the panel down in the comments and we’ll find out together. It’ll be an adventure! That seems thematically appropriate.


8:00 – Kicking off with an anniversary video. Stay awhile, and listen.


8:06 – Intro and anniversary stuff! Talking Diablo I’s original launch in 1996 and Battlenet, Diablo II, and then the long way for Diablo III. By the way, you are all old.


8:13 – Showing off Tristram and what’s coming. The 16-level dungeons, the bosses, retro vision, lots of presents, easter eggs, and nostalgia music. They’re serious about retro vision — it’s in Diablo III, but it’s kinda blocky and jerky as in Diablo. The presents include banners, sigils, portaits, pets, tmogs, the usual.


The annual event goes live in January for PC and console.

8:20 – The new armory is next. They’re planning a full equipment manager and removing unsocketing costs for gems and so forth. Also coming for PC and console.

8:25 – Necromancer is up. They’re replaying the video from the opening ceremony:

8:30 – There’s a TON of old school necro skills coming back, including corpse explosion.


8:43 – How many skeletons make an army? ALL the skeletons. Expect this part second half of next year.

Blizzard did not reveal a price for the necro pack. “We’re not ready to announce a price just yet. Stay tuned!” — that’s the official line.

And that’s a wrap! See you guys tomorrow!


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