Chronicles of Elyria reaches gambling stretch goal, eyes pet and mount customization

Man must be ready to ramp everything.

Good news for the shifty bluffers out there: Chronicles of Elyria has reached its $1.5 million stretch goal, which means that the team is now committed to adding gaming and gambling into the fantasy sandbox.

“As one might imagine, rolling dice, dealing cards, making terrible poker faces, and celebrating a win will require your character to animate,” Soulbound Studios¬†wrote. “This is why an animator was crucial to this stretch goal.”

Next up on the docket? Pet and mount customization if fans can push the game’s funding over the $1.65 million line.

Soulbound¬†reported that it’s moving into the production phase and has the first region of the prologue experience well underway: “The team is adopting more rigorous processes and spending time detailing everything that will eventually be Elyria. This is an exhaustive and time consuming process so our updates will be slowing down for the next couple of months.”

Source: Kickstarter