Gigantic offers a video spotlight on Tyto the Swift


There are only two kinds of people who would really try to have “the Swift” after their name: really quick people and really slow people who pick it up as a sarcastic nickname. Given that Gigantic‘s Tyto the Swift looks like he was conceived, born, and raised within a high-speed wind tunnel, you will not be particularly surprised that he belongs in the former category. He’s fast, in other words, and the latest spotlight video focuses on just how he can use that to his advantage.

Tyto is a melee fighter who darts in and out of battle, making use of height advantages, charges, and the like to perfectly dash in and out of danger while slashing up opponents. You can check all of his moves out in the video just below, although it will not help you if you’re trying to figure out his anatomy. Best not to think about that part, really.

Source: YouTube