Star Wars: the Old Republic goes into detail on repeating story chapters

The moment again.
If you were looking forward to hearing about what was changing with combat and class balance in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next expansion, you were sadly denied as that show was cancelled. Instead, we should be getting a post about that in the near future, and the developers showed off how Knights of the Eternal Throne’s replayable story missions will work. If you’re looking for the best way to earn Command XP without a group, this is it.

Story missions will have Story and Veteran difficulty at launch, and you’ll be able to replay any chapters from Knights of the Fallen Empire or Knights of the Eternal Throne. Veteran difficulty is balanced for mid-tier endgame gear and a reasonably advanced companion and is meant to provide a significant challenge for the solo player. You won’t be locked into completing the content at that difficulty if it proves too hard, though, as players can scale the difficulty down mid-run if needed; scaling it up, however, requires a restart. You can catch the full presentation just below or read through Dulfy’s summary of the content therein.

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