Guild Wars 2’s doomsday preparation pack will get you through today


Ascent: The Space Game isn’t the only MMORPG dryly commenting on today’s US elections: Guild Wars 2 has a “doomsday preparation pack” in the cash shop today. Oh sure, it’s ostensibly in-character and in-lore:

“Yeah, yeah, we know dragons are bad. They’re going to destroy us all, sure. I’m all for being prepared, but some of this speculation is getting a little out of hand. Why not have a look at some of my new stock and take your mind off the scaremongering? […] If the rumors of dragons rising has you down, and you’re expecting the worst, why not cut loose? Dress up in our Raiment of the Lich outfit, dye it in fearsome colors with a Shadow Dye Kit or a Flame Dye Kit, put your brand-new Watchwork Mining Pick in a shared inventory slot, and burn off some of that stress. Startle your friends and neighbors!”

But we’re not fooled.




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