Square-Enix partners with MZ for a Final Fantasy XV mobile multiplayer spinoff


Final Fantasy XV is finally getting released this month after years in development hell, and then everyone will see how years of development have actually helped (or hurt) the game. Or you could just hold off a little bit and wait for the mobile spinoff title which has just been announced, developed by MZ, the studio behind Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike. MZ is promising to use the game’s assets and storyline to make a mobile MMO to be released worldwide.

No pricing or release date information has yet been provided, much less the nature of the game itself; one would tend to doubt this will be a full-featured MMORPG, given that Square-Enix itself is already running two of those. It will doubtlessly be releasing after the single-player title comes out on November 29th, so you can see then if you’d like to spend more time in the world with these characters.