The major class changes coming in SWTOR’s Knights of the Eternal Throne

Another expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic means another level cap bump and another set of adjustments for the various classes and their abilities. While the original plan included streaming all of this information, the designers have instead opted to post detailed breakdowns of all the class changes on the official site. In no particular order

  • Operatives and Scoundrels will be able to provide more AoE damage and reflect damage while losing cover-based sniping abilities; meanwhile, Gunslingers and Snipers will gain greater range for utility and lose their melee combat options.
  • Powertechs and Vanguards are remaining largely the same, although they’ll gain new range options and some better damage for pulling targets. Mercenaries and Commandos, by contrast, get a reflecting damage absorb shield and more defense options.
  • Sages and Sorcerers are now more mobile, while Shadows and Assassins are a bit less mobile.
  • Sentinels and Marauders are receiving small tweaks to reinforce their existing master-of-blades style. Juggernauts and Guardians can deal more damage at greater range and should feel more like Force-powered wrecking balls in melee combat.

You can check out all of the details on each individual class breakdown, which should be useful for players who are eager to see exactly how their favorite classes will be changing when the next update hits.

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