Albion Online posts a video guide to the Faye update

Did you mean fey? That would make sense.

In most games, you’d expect a patch named Faye to involve either helping or fighting someone named Faye. Not so with Albion Online; that’s just what the patch is named, and while you might encounter a player named Faye while wandering in the new forest biome, we assure you that it’s purely a coincidence. If you did, however, you could applaud or salute that player with the patch’s new emote system; you’d also be able to see her approaching with the new offscreen nametags, giving players time to respond to incoming players.

The patch also features new background music, mounts staying close when you hop off to gather resources, and new guard towers set up across the land to take out outlaw players around the world. You can check out the update in action in the video just below. If you’re eager to roam around in the forest looking for bears and foxes, then get ready for the update on November 23rd. (No word on whether players named Faye are more likely to show up in the forest.)

Source: YouTube
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