Atlas Reactor enters the e-sports scene


Did you honestly think that strategy MOBA Atlas Reactor was going to sit on the sidelines of the whole e-sports scene and not dive in head-first? It was going to happen sooner or later — and it turns out that “sooner” is the case, as its first Electronic Sports League competition is kicking off this Saturday, November 12th.

The move helps to solidify the title as an e-sports contender and, of course, increases the public profile and recognition of Atlas Reactor a month or so following its official release.¬†Whether or not you care about e-sports, you should know that Trion Worlds is making Atlas Reactor “completely free” from Friday through Sunday to celebrate the game’s ESL debut.

Trion recently published a trailer promoting the title — and if you squint real careful-like, you might even see a familiar website mentioned in it.

Source: ESL, Press release
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