Riders of Icarus plans adjustments for Legendary dungeons

Everything is fine.

How do you feel about the Legendary dungeons in Riders of Icarus? Do you feel that they’re tuned to just the right difficulty and that all of the drops there are happening at the right rate? The developers don’t feel that way. A recent post indicates that the game’s team has been monitoring feedback about the dungeon difficulty as well as player progress. No one wanted to jump the gun on making adjustments, but now that some time has passed, it’s time to tinker with the dungeons.

Specific changes are not noted, but players are assured that both the difficulty level and drop rates for needed crafting items will be adjusted to provide the best possible experience for players running this level of content. Details are still being finalized, but you can expect to see the changes applied to the game in the update on November 16th.

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