The Daily Grind: What’s the best MMORPG PUG you’ve ever been in?

Everything old is... still old, but a newer sort of old.

I’m not known as a big fan of classic EverQuest, in spite of my having played it for many years. But the truth is I do have a few amazing memories from it, including what I think must have been my first real pick-up group (since there weren’t really groups back then in Ultima Online). I remember one PUG had control of a particular room in Solusek — it was Tiger, or maybe King. Back then, there was no LFG; someone in the group would maintain a waiting list of people who wanted to join, and when someone left, the list holder would call in a replacement. Likewise, someone in the group, usually a Druid or Wizard, was appointed to handle all of the looting and gating in and out to sell valuable junk loot to split to the party every time someone bailed.

I’m not saying it was perfect design (it wasn’t) or that I’d want to go back (I don’t), but I remember that Saturday so clearly — getting into the group and playing all day, digitally chilling with an epic group of strangers who pulled mobs and joked and told stories while we rested up. I remember being the Druid trusted to port in and out with an inventory full of loot to distribute. It was a good PUG full of warm fuzzies, and no one wanted to leave.

I don’t know about you folks, but after a week like this, I say we could all use a reminder that strangers are fundamentally good and that MMORPGs are a bridge across divisions. Tell me about the best PUG you’ve ever been in.

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