Trion addresses downtime with the ArcheAge community

It's lonely out in space.

No one likes network issues. Trion acknowledged a slew of network issues hitting ArcheAge over the past few days in a forum post, noting that there are two issues that seem to be combining to cause unstable performance; a network hardware issue is affecting Trion’s actual server clusters while an external service error is also affecting the network. The same issues appear to have also hit RIFT and (presumably) Trove as well.

While the company is taking steps to fix the issue, there’s the potential for further connection issues into the early part of the weekend, so players may want to be a bit cautious regarding the game’s connection. Players who are having issues are asked to notify Trion, as the company is making note of any players affected by the issues. No word on any sort of compensation at this point, although we imagine most of the people hit with network issues would be happy enough just to have the service working properly again.


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