WildStar shares a twisted necroshaman’s bio


What do you get when you combine a necromancer and a shaman in the crazy universe of WildStar? You end up with Laveka the Dark-Hearted and mostly wish that you hadn’t messed with the natural order of things.

In a new character biography page, Carbine shares some of the insight behind this necroshaman. Laveka is the spiritual advisor and main squeeze of the Redmoon Marauder’s leader who has tapped into a forbidden branch of Draken religion for her power. The Redmoon, as you may recall, are the current focus of WildStar’s string of content updates.

“Laveka has delved deep into the arts of necroshamanism and, as a result, has become a strange, witchy character,” the devs explained. “She is prone to fits of volubility, speaking often in riddles bordering on madness. She takes a sinister pleasure in the gruesome and the perverted, and is overcome by sudden mood swings ranging from anger to pleasure and back again. She is often cruel and heartless when it comes to furthering her own cause and bears grudges for a long time — as evidenced by her intense hatred of the Draken.”

Source: WildStar