Camelot Unchained on hiring, graphics, and this weekend’s playtest


Hiring is going well for Camelot Unchained, City State tells players in a new dev post this weekend. “We are now up to six people in Seattle (though the 6th won’t start till January), and have seven candidates in the pipeline,” Mark Jacobs says, noting that while CSE is losing a programmer to an overseas move, it “should have another Ops/Junior programmer to replace him shortly.”

The studio has been focused on testing abilities, the patcher, animations, zones, network performance, and rendering — you can see a bit of the bloom-soaked “god rays” in the screenshots below, though they’re still a work-in-progress.

“Note the subtle shafts breaking through the trees, but also the bloom softening the environment just beyond the trees. We’ve also introduced eye adjustment which can be seen here. We are simulating the opening and closing of a person’s iris, which occurs as you enter or exit dark and bright areas. The consequence, as your eye adjusts to the dark shadows you are in, is anything that is bright, such as the sky in this shot, will be slightly more blown out.”

Stay tuned for later today, when we’ll have an interview with Jacobs on some of his earlier games in our weekly Game Archaeologist column, and check out CU’s end-of-the-week wrap-up video below!


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