Get an explosive look at ARK’s new Tek Tier

Get an explosive look at ARK’s new Tek Tier

As if gigantic dinosaurs with razor teeth weren’t dangerous enough, soon ARK: Survival Evolved will have jet packs, armor with super speed (that can run right through wooden walls) and laser cannons. But these laser cannons aren’t just for you. Oh no, they are also for your dinosaurs! You knew the technology had to move beyond floating pillars and implants, right? PC Gamer got to reveal the first steps of ARK’s long-awaited Tek Tier, which introduces the powerful sci-fi Tek armor, Tek rifle, and Giga laser-cannon Helmet for T-Rexes.

Tek Tier will be the first of many updates as ARK works its way toward version 1.0 early next year. The tier is meant to be endgame, and the abilities on all armor pieces and weapons will require a rare resource, Element, that is obtainable only from end-game challenges. More items in the tier will roll out over time, as will underwater bases.

The full scoop will be available in PC Gamer’s next issue, but if you want to catch a glimpse of this power, watch the Tek Tier trailer below. For those who might be scratching their heads at the idea of sci-fi taking over a dino survival game, devs ask you to consider this:

Imagine I am writing a book. I have some pretty cool story lines happening, I’m probably 3/4 of the way done and I’m really excited about it. I show you what I’ve written so far. You say, “This is good. But I like it the way you have it right now and I don’t want you to write anymore, you should just stop writing the book.” I say, “hey that’s not really what I had intended all this time. I’ve been working on this for awhile, I still have a lot of cool stuff I want to say and I actually want to finish writing the story.”

ARK is an unfinished story. Tek Tier is the ending of that story. Give it a chance? :)

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