AdventureQuest 3D plans major November content update


Now that AdventureQuest 3D has survived the days of testing, it can enter into the next perpetual phase of MMO development, also known as the “fixing and adding things until the game is no longer profitable” phase. The game has already released a PC-based interface update to make the game more fun to control for Steam users, but another big update is slated for this month. It’s the start of the Volcanic Dragon Saga (a working title), and you can imagine that anything dubbed a “saga” will involve more than one new quest in someone’s basement.

The current plans include seven new areas to coincide with the aforementioned saga along with plenty of draconic adversaries and new items… along with an increase to the game’s level cap. This week, players should be ready to take on a new area featuring the Acevorah monster, which was originally just going to involve the monster and wound up featuring new items, quests, stories, and all of that fun. In short, if you feel like the game has plenty of content now… just wait, because you haven’t seen anything yet.


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