ARK’s Thanksgiving update includes emotes, new caves, and breeding phase 3


When ARK: Survival Evolved has a major update, it’s a safe bet that new dinosaurs will be involved, and v251 is no different. The Achatina, Megalosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Moschops are all expected to appear in the wild on November 23rd. But that won’t be all. This holiday update also includes Turkey Trial 2, the second iteration of last year’s event. Detail are sparse so far, but the event will include a new challenge and new cosmetics as well as introduce ARK’s first emotes. These emotes wont disappear like your Thanksgiving dinner though; WildCard’s Jeremy Stieglitz assured players that the emotes will be permanent once players unlock them.

Also included in this update will be brand-spanking new caves (all current caves will be wiped), the long-awaited breeding phase 3 (which introduces random mutations and family trees), and the requested whistle ordering groups for dinos. Player can also look forward to a “20% server performance increase due to massive replication and physx efficiency improvement.” What is not making it into this update are dynamic-length bridges, underwater and Tek Tier caves, Ascension Game Progression, aquatic and amphibious mating, and Boss Wars.

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