Atlas Reactor shows off Kaigin the Warpstalker

Warp Restraining Orders

The newest character in Atlas Reactor, Kaigin, does not respect the personal space of warp. He’s sneaking through warp’s closets and taking compromising photos of warp. He’s the Warpstalker, and while his personal habits might leave something to be desired, you can probably use his tendencies to your advantage as he bisects space itself to tear your enemies apart.

Kaigin is legitimately hard to spot, too; he can throw down smoke grenades to obscure enemy vision, teleport through walls with his dashing Void Strike, turn invisible, and damage both areas and single targets. He’ll also apply a specialized debuff to anything he damages, with subsequent attacks consuming the debuff for extra damage while re-applying it. You can easily use him to teleport through barriers, deal damage, then bolt back through and out of sight with controlled play. Check out the full rundown for more actual lore behind Kaigin and some tips for playing with and against him.