Neo’s Land emerges from multi-month silence to talk about mounts


We will admit that we have been concerned about the state of Neo’s Land development considering that the title has been suspiciously quiet¬†for most of this year. Happily, the silence has been broken and the team is talking about the fantasy sandbox once again.

Mounts are the topic of this week’s surprise dev post. The team said that it’s approaching mounts “a bit different” than in most MMOs. Players will need to collect essence drops from specific creatures to be able to craft a mount of their own for eventual use. And before you ask, yes, you can use your mount in combat.

“There are three different types of mounts: air, land and sea,” the team explained. “Air mounts encompass the flying mounts group which can do attacks from above, but are primarily used for distance attacks or magical strike attacks. Land mounts are used for close combat attacks and are most commonly used for transport of goods over land. Sea mounts can allow a player to access deeper reaches of the ocean and to transport goods over water.”

You can check out a demo video from Neo’s Land after the break!

Source: Neo’s Land

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