Heroes of the Storm highlights Varian Wrynn and his multiple specs

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King Varian Wrynn in Heroes of the Storm is a Warrior. Not just in the MOBA-specific terminology, either; he’s a Warrior in the classic World of Warcraft style. Players will determine Varian’s spec by making a choice between three different talents at level 10, whether you want a version of Varian focused around soaking damage, slashing through things with auto-attacks, or outputting huge burst damage. Unlike the characters who can always do one thing, Varian can do three different things, and he can change based on the needs of your team and the battlefield.

The spotlight video below shows off Varian’s ability layout; regardless of his spec, he can charge, use a ranged snare, make use of Heroic Strike, and parry incoming attacks. It’s up to you whether you want to focus on Varian’s ability to use Colossus Smash to quickly kill an enemy target, Taunt to soak up attacks and prevent enemies from hitting more vulnerable teammates, or Twin Blades of Fury to turn him into a swift and powerful attacker. It’s all about the flexibility.

Source: YouTube

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