Trove throws community party to celebrate console’s unknown launch

Hey everyone! Trove is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this fall! When? Um… look over there! It’s a party! Stop asking questions!

Indeed, while Trion Worlds has yet to reveal any specific launch date for its anticipated Trove console edition, the studio is throwing an in-game party to celebrate its arrival. Which is sometime. This party looks to be a recurring event going forward.

“We’re working hard to bring Trove to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it’s paying off!” Trion said. “With so much to be thankful for we decided to share the love with all of you by throwing the Troviest parties of all — new invaders, new loot, new mounts, a new Hub, and more!”

You can read up on the party patch notes for all of the specifics.

Source: Trove
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