Riders of Icarus celebrates Thanksgiving with events and a pet farm


An overabundance of food is a hallmark sign of Thanksgiving, but what about an overabundance of events? MMOs have not traditionally held many Turkey Day in-game holidays, but don’t tell Riders of Icarus that, as the game is breaking out a trio of events this November.

By logging in each day for at least an hour, players will earn a shiny daily reward for the attendance event. Players brand-new to the game can earn an additional week of bonus rewards for trying out the game. Finally, the last event will grant all players buffs to tempering success, rare drop chance, and daily achievement rewards. These all started today and will run through November 30th.

So what’s there to do while waiting out that hour to get your reward? The team has added a new familiar farm for each player that allows him or her to raise, train, and send familiars out on adventures. The farm can be upgraded for a week at a time and offers many bonuses and activities.