World of Warcraft datamining points to new WoW Token use in patch 7.1.5

It was a different time.

Do you remember BlizzCon 2016? It was just a couple of weeks ago, surely you do. One of the topics on discussion was letting World of Warcraft players use the game’s WoW Tokens as a more flexible currency, offering not just subscription time but also as currency for the game’s online store. The first round of datamining for the upcoming patch 7.1.5 suggests that feature may be added to the game with that patch… or it may just be getting the framework and the actual functionality is a ways off.

Hey, that’s how datamining goes: Some of it is relevant, some of it becomes just speculation. You can catch up on the latest datamining from Wowhead, if you’re in the mood for more stuff that may-or-may-not be in the next patch when it goes live. You can also check out an interview with Chris Metzen just below, covering the former Blizzard creative head honcho’s past experiences and future plans.

Source: Wowhead via Blizzard Watch, Soundcloud; thanks to Daras for the tip!

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