Twitch-centric Streamline is free on Steam for the next 24 hours


Remember back at the turn of October, when Amazon Game Studios and Twitch announced the Twitch Prime mélange and promised everyone tons of free gaming stuff as part of the Amazon Prime membership? One of those “free” things has arrived, and better yet, it’s free for everyone, not just for Twitch Primers, at least if you hit up Steam in the next 24 hours and chuck it into your cart.

I’m talking, of course, about Streamline, indie studio Proletariat’s stream-centric, viewer-controlled, early access multiplayer online arena game.

“Set in the near future, Streamline pits Runners vs. Hunters in a new sport enhanced by augmented reality and physical skills. After growing tired of mainstream sports with their limited mechanics, overblown sponsorships, and corporate greed, the Streamline Pro League was formed. Taking advantage of their dilapidated surroundings, players in the SPL run, jump, and fly through abandoned shipyards, vacant schoolyards, and crumbling skyscrapers while live streaming all of it to their adoring fans. Runners want to gather up as many points as they can while avoiding the Hunter. If they’re eliminated, they become Ghosts who stay in the game to haunt or help other players.”

Check out all the visuals below, then go get your freebie!

Source: Steam, Twitter, official site. Thanks, BalsBigBrother!
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