Another Gigantic beta weekend begins, Uncle Sven is spotlighted


Have you tried Gigantic yet? It shouldn’t be too hard to get into the closed beta, particularly as we have been giving out keys left and right for this MOBA.

Well now you have a chance to put that beta key to good use, as Gigantic is hosting its third CBT weekend, starting today. The closed beta test will feature four featured and four random heroes, three maps, no NDA, and no progression wipe from the previous beta weekend.

Take note that if you access the game through the Windows 10 store, you no longer need a key for any of these tests (although you will need to download a new client), but if you’re on Xbox One, you can use one of our keys still (we have some left!). Gigantic’s beta weekend runs through Sunday, November 20th. Happy hunting, and take a quick peek at the patch notes, the latest dev diary, and Uncle Sven, the latest hero spotlighted by the team!