Go. Hunt. Kill Rooks: City of Titans unveils its latest enemy group

It looks much better now.

Anyone who has played the game that inspired City of Titans knows that they will play with a very straightforward objective: Go. Hunt. Kill… um… wait, what gangs are we going to be beating up? The answer is that you can start with the Rooks, a gang that’s all about being losers in the superpowered space. It’s not that the Rooks aren’t dangerous to non-superhuman people; it’s that when you’re surrounded by people who do have superpowers, you’re kind of at the bottom of the pecking order.

The result is that the Rooks are a gang all about finding your “edge,” some trick to make you more-than-human and thus able to hang with the bigger fish patrolling the streets. Of course, that also just means that the vast majority of the gang comes out to be chumps, but that almost seems by design. Check out all of the details on the gang in the official dispatch, and get ready to go hunting and killing these losers.

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