ELOA gets a do-over under new ownership

Hellgate Lite

Elite Lord of Alliance might have been down, but it’s not out — not yet, at least.

Following the decision by Webzen to close down ELOA in October, Game&Game has taken the fantasy MMO under its wing and brought it back online as of today. It’s unclear whether players will be able to pick up their old characters or will need to start from scratch, but either way, it’s good news for those who enjoyed the title and were sorry to see it go.

The new version is available to players in North and South America, Europe, and Russia. It also comes with several changes from the previous edition, including the decision to decrease quest XP rewards in order to place a greater emphasis on slaying monsters.

Npic Soft Director Ho Jun Kim laid out the course for the game’s future: “Whereas we focused on PvE and dungeon-oriented updates before, from now on we will focus on content such as large-scale PvP conducted among the guilds and communities. Hope many of users play and enjoy the newly updated game.”

Source: Facebook, ELOA
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