Guild Wars 2 addresses outage bugs, NCsoft deals with DDOS attacks

This is fine.

When you’re running an online game, there are certain words that are pretty much always a harbinger of problems. Words like “outage,” and “missing,” and “unexpected.” Combining them into a group means that things are going even worse. Case in point: the number of players who logged in after Guild Wars 2‘s unexpected outage to find a bunch of their stuff missing. Does that sound good? No, it does not.

Fortunately, this story should have a happy ending, as communications manager Gaile Gray took to the forums to inform everyone that it should be something that clears up on its own. Players who keep playing for an hour after the outage should find any and all missing currency/items showing up again; if there are still missing things after that hour, customer service representatives are on hand to help solve the issue. Which is a positive response, but it’s still not probably a fun problem to deal with.

In other NCsoft news, multiple games across the company’s network, including Guild Wars 2, WildStar, and Blade & Soul, suffered additional outages and login problems overnight as the apparent result of DDOS attacks.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Qarran!
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