Star Trek Online deploys fleets to consoles

Ah yes, teamwork.
While those playing Star Trek Online on consoles are a bit behind the game’s PC client, that also means that they get updates a fair bit faster; all of the stuff is already there to make the updates work. So console players today can start playing around with fleets in the game’s newest update, adding in support for the Fleet system along with fleet holdings, fleet projects, and all of the associated fleet bonuses.

If that’s not really your cup of tea, of course, there’s more in the update; players can start advancing Task Force Omega and Iconian Resistance reputations, explore the ins and outs of the Admiralty system, or just craft exotic new weaponry with the Research & Development system. It’s all familiar if you’ve played the PC version for a while, but it’s new to you if you haven’t… and even if you are familiar with it, now you can enjoy all of it from the glory of your living room.


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