Black Death’s Providence update adds animal husbandry, treasure hunts, and better NPC AI


Indie survival sandbox The Black Death has a big patch out this week called Providence with a ton of new features and skills. Players can now tame domestic critters with an animal husbandry feature set, dig for treasure, interact slightly more realistically with NPCs, buy newly added items from newly added merchants, check out the Dunstead settlement and new forest biome, and specialize in the culinary arts, as well as craft nifty bits like beehives, butter churns, and stools. Mmm, butter.

In other Black Death news, the devs have announced what they’re┬ácalling a “Champions Council” to recognize positive and helpful community members. “There is no specific way of signing up to join the Council,” says the studio. “Your involvement, behavior and overall impact within the community will not go unnoticed. If we feel that you have had a positive and lasting impact on helping to shape The Black Death and have a friendly attitude towards helping other players, taking part in gameplay and feedback discussions it will be noted by the team.”

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