Ditch your ARK for another with cross-map transfers


While folks are still waiting for a PS4 launch for ARK: Survival Evolved, (devs have said it is at SONY undergoing the certification process), there is a way for players to move platforms of sorts. Today, Studio Wildcard announced that players will be able to fully transfer from one map to another on official servers. That means all tames and survivors can be transferred freely between the Island, Scorched Earth, and the Center maps. The only limitations to this are:

  1. Once a tame has been downloaded to another ARK, it will have a 12-hour cool-down timer before it can be transferred again.
  2. All transfers are restricted by game mode; PvE can only move to PvE, PvP to PvP, hardcore to hardcore, and primitive to primitive.

Note that tamed wyverns, rock golems, and alpha wyverns will deal less and take more damage on primitive servers to balance for that map.

If you have some reservations about this change (or it sounds like a recipe for disaster to you), take heart: Devs emphasize that this is open to change, depending on how it all plays out and the player feedback received as Early Access continues.

“Keep in mind these changes may not be final. We want to see how things play out, whether this was the right move, how we can further improve the system. Something we’re considering down the line is introducing more limitations on what can be transferred, such as only Baby Tames or Eggs can be transferred, perhaps we limit Scorched Earth transfers to Scorched Earth base/raw materials only.”

In other news, devs believe they have finally tracked down and fixed the problem of dinos spawning inside bases. (And there was much rejoicing!) Also, today heralded the start of double harvesting, taming, and XP rates on official servers until 12:00 p.m. EST on Monday, November 21st.