How Project Titan and Overwatch prompted Chris Metzen to leave Blizzard


Months later, the World of Warcraft community is still coming to grips with the absence of Chris Metzen, who decided to retire from Blizzard at the age of 42. From the perspective of fans, his departure was aburpt, but according to Metzen, it was the culmination of several difficult years of development.

In an audio interview, Metzen admitted that the pressure to “out-perform” with Project Titan, and later Overwatch, produced panic attacks and overwhelming anxiety. Metzen said that it all got to be too much: “I spent so many years running real hot and real fast and chasing this dream that I had and also being a good soldier, a good officer, for this company I was with.”

You can listen to the full interview after the jump.

Source: Kotaku

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