Moonlight Blade will let you play as a tween girl


Perhaps you were on the fence with Moonlight Blade, thinking to yourself, “Well, this upcoming eastern MMORPG looks nice and all, but it’s forcing me to play a grown-up with smelly breath and income taxes? Thank you but no thank you.”

If you’ve had fantasies of playing as a tween girl — and we do not need to hear about them in the comments — then Nexon has your back. The studio asked for additional avatar customizations to allow female characters to be a lot smaller and a lot younger. Maybe it’s the appeal of seeing a little girls becoming action heroes, or maybe we just need an element in the game that makes everyone somewhat uncomfortable (see: TERA’s Elin).

Don’t believe us when we say this is going to be a thing? We have the video proof for you after the break thanks to Steparu.

Source: Steparu

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