Star Wars: The Old Republic provides backstory fiction for Knights of the Eternal Throne

Look, we don’t want to spoil the ending of Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s last expansion story arc for you if you’re still working your way up to it, but it’s pretty unambiguous that Senya Tirall’s life is not going the way that she had hoped. A new piece of preamble fiction on the official site details exactly how badly it’s going as she’s caught between dealing with both of her children, and if you have played through the end of the last expansion, you know that doesn’t just mean convincing both kids that their mother loves them both.

It also serves as a fine prequel if you’ve played some of the storyline for Knights of the Fallen Empire but want an idea of where Knights of the Eternal Throne leaves everyone… and if you just want to read some fiction wherein people slash at one another with lightsabers, it’s got that, too. So it’s something for almost everyone. Fans of successful parenting will be disappointed, however.

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