Dogma: Eternal Night playable builds are coming in December


Thanks to some additional crowdfunding, Dogma: Eternal Night will be able to start rolling out playable builds starting at the end of December. These builds won’t constitute a proper alpha or beta but instead will give alpha-access players the chance to test out certain systems, starting with character creation.

The team explained the reasoning behind the move: “One question that has been on everyone’s mind is when are we going to launch alpha and beta testing? To be honest, we still don’t have an ETA, but we’ve finally decided to take the first tentative step towards that and give you an opportunity to try out some of our working builds. Why not alpha or beta? Because we’re not ready to call them that but we can at least show you what we have so far.”

If Dogma is able to hit its $20,000 crowdfunding goal, the team will be able to afford a more powerful server to support “thousands” of players at a time. In the meanwhile, check out the following video of crows doing what crows do best.

Source: Dogma
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