Darkfall: New Dawn kicks off free-play stress test through the holiday

Darkly falling all over again.

Darkfall: New Dawn is currently in the middle of a free stress test, so if you’re looking for a brutal sandbox to call home over the holiday, Agon beckons — at least until November 29th.

“We have recently implemented Spawn Scaling, one of our top 3 features initially planned for launch,” Ub3rgames wrote earlier this month. “In our opinion, and from the feedback we’ve already gathered, it changes the game to become a much more social and enjoyable experience. It is a considerable milestone but it still needs to be tweaked, and more importantly, be stress tested, which is why we’re opening up the server.”

The team also has a new dev blog out this week that highlights some of the brand-new music the indie devs are implementing.

New Dawn is one of two spinoffs of Darkfall that began with Aventurine’s blessing following the original game’s abrupt and mysterious maintenance mode last spring. The other, Darkfall: Rise of Agon, has likewise been steadily patching and stress testing since July.

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