RIFT compensates players for server instability

Maybe I can hammer it into working well?
Fans of RIFT have a new expansion to play, but that requires the game’s servers to be cooperating in order to actually play it. Unfortunately, the game has been suffering from server issues recently, so Trion recently announced planned compensation for players to help ease the sting there. If you’ve logged in since the instability began and have Patron status on your account, you will be credited extra time to your Patron subscription, although the exact amount is still up in the air as the team tries to permanently solve the problem and see exactly who has been affected.

Players can also log in and claim a free bundle of Affinity in the game’s store from now until November 30th. You can also earn bonus Affinity through gameplay, with Patrons gaining 10 for logging in on a daily basis and another 6 for staying logged in for each additional hour; non-Patrons, meanwhile, will gain Affinity at the same pace that Patrons would under normal circumstances. It can’t fix server issues in and of itself, of course, but compensation does help take the edge off.