Overwatch strives to rebalance Symmetra


Overwatch players who avoid Symmetra like the plague might find themselves gravitating to her with an upcoming patch. Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan sat down with the community to announce a full-scale revamp of the playable character. Apparently Symmetra was being used too situationally and needed some strong quality-of-life improvements to make her more viable and desirable.

One of the most exciting changes coming for Symmetra is that she will be the first character in the game to get a choice of ultimates, with two such abilities available at all times during each match. When her meter fills up, she can either plop down her current teleporter or build a shield generator with a huge range for her team.

Get the low-down from Blizzard on all of the Symmetra changes and the new Osiris map after the break!

Source: YouTube

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