Pre-alpha testing begins for Edengrad

Pre-alpha testing begins for Edengrad

Soon, you will be exploring a shattered landscape rife with the bones of the fallen, awash in a sea of wrath and human misery. But if you want a break from dealing with shopping this Friday, you can get in on the Edengrad pre-alpha. Heck, you can get in on that right now, as the game has officially started its pre-alpha testing. Players who have access to this phase of testing will get a special lifelong Pioneer title, although achievements might need to be wiped due to bug fixes.

This early test build doesn’t include constructing buildings, founding towns, or declaring wars; instead, it’s focused on testing more basic mechanics. Subsequent test phases aren’t being given firm dates just yet, as the developers want to see what sort of bugs are encountered and how much needs repairing before committing to further testing. Still, the test phase is starting out, and that means questing, PvP, PvE, and all the crafting you can shake a stick at. Assuming you can find a stick.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Kinya and Dave for the tips!

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