Elite Dangerous players accuse Frontier of ignoring combat exploit

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If you thought that your politically divided family dinner table will be the most awkward situation this Thanksgiving week, then you need to haul yourself over to Elite Dangerous’ neck of the woods. Players are taking developers to task, with the former accusing the latter of ignoring a disruptive exploit in the game.

In a post on Reddit, one player outlines how “combat logging,” the act of forcibly disconnecting from the game to quickly exit an undesirable battle situation, is hurting the game. While the author acknowledges that Frontier has identified this as a bannable exploit, the post goes on to share experiments done to see if the studio will take action on them. According to the author, Frontier barely investigates such claims.

“After several iterations of reports to Frontier, confirmation that they engaged in an investigation of exploiting, and review of the view counts on the videos, we found that in all instances of reported exploiting, Frontier failed to view any of the video evidence in the reports a single time, even after several weeks and confirmation that they had in fact investigated the reports,” the post claims.

Frontier responded to the accusation, saying that while it does investigate and take action against combat loggers, in the case of these specific documented exploits, the team let them fall through the cracks.

“After looking into the reports that you’ve highlighted here and taking a moment to review them in more detail, I can confirm that on this occasion we didn’t follow the processes that we set out and subsequently these reports were not actioned,” CM Zac Antonaci replied.

Source: Reddit
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