Grim Dawn previews December update


While a full-fledged expansion for Grim Dawn is in the works, that doesn’t mean the team has abandoned updates for the core game in the meantime. In fact, a new patch is coming in mid-December, with more to come after that.

The Fall of Port Valbury update will introduce a new Aetherial-themed dungeon to the game, which the devs say is “packed” with lots of story beats, monsters, and loot. Testing on the patch should commence shortly.

In a dev blog the team gives some of the history behind this dungeon: “A once proud and prosperous city with a booming port and trade network, Port Valbury has suffered greatly under the influence of the Aetherials. Even before the Grim Dawn was fully unleashed upon Cairn, their agents had begun working on undermining the population and throwing the city into chaos.”