Osiris: New Dawn solves save errors with patch, plans in-game showers


You know how there are dealbreakers with playing a game? Well, if you can’t save your progress, you are probably encountering a pretty big one.

The sci-fi survival sandbox Osiris: New Dawn has been struggling with just this problem, but the good news is that with this week’s patch, saving issues should be a thing of the past. “We made it a huge focus to narrow down notorious saving issues, tested a bunch of variable causes, and we believe it should no longer be a major concern,” the team wrote.

The patch also added VOIP capabilities, although the devs said that getting the volume just right is still a work in progress.

What’s in store for the fledgling sandbox? New weapons, outdoor chem labs, landmines, new resources, biodomes, the skill system, and a functional shower! Not kidding!

Source: Patch notes

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