Programming MMORTS Screeps leaves early access


If you cast your mind back to the wilder era of 2015, you might recall (or not) that MOP reported on an unusual MMORTS called Screeps. This visually simplistic game had the unusual twist of requiring all players to program commands for their units and buildings through Javascript instead of controlling them through an UI.

Since then, Screeps has seen an unusual rollout. It went into early access then launched this past June… while remaining in early access ever since. The team explains: “Though the game was fully ready, we marked it as early access since it lacked the main feature of the Steam release: dedicated servers. Now, after several months, we have a packaged product: well-working official MMO world plus fully functional dedicated servers allowing to play either locally or online without subscription. So we are happy to announce the end of the early access stage and the full release of Screeps on Steam!”

Development of Screeps will continue, with this roadmap outlining the features and improvements that the team is working on for the game. Projects include creating a better simulation, addressing power creep, and adding a battle arena.

Source: Steam

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