The Daily Grind: Do you get extra MMO time during the holidays?

Eh, I had nothing else to do.

Today begins the dread stretch of time known in the United States as the holidays, a period of frenzied consumerism marked with a lot of time off from work, school, and the Internet. If you’re in school, you have a few days off; if you’re working retail, you have more hours for a while, up until the holiday rush is over and you get to relax with some eggnog. So what are you going to do with that time off? Visit family or play video games?

Obviously, there’s stuff to do in games like World of Warcraft, both related to the holidays and just in general. At the same time, you could very well be using up your time away from work/school/other obligations to visit family members, cook a big dinner, and pass out on the couch after eating. So as some of us prepare to gorge ourselves on delicious turkey and stuffing, we’re wondering: Do you get extra MMO time during the holidays? A chance to catch up with your online friends and give them your best wishes? Or does all the travel and such mean that you game less than usual during the holidays?

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