Project Genom assures fans it will be back on Steam soon


If you’ve been following the news swirling around Project Genom, you know that the game got removed from Steam recently over a storm of copyright infringement and blackmail allegations. Crazy drama, in other words. The team at developer NeuronHaze, however, is letting fans know that the game will be back on Steam soon, adding that all conflicts related to the game have been resolved in an entirely legal manner and there should be no further impediments.

What exactly that legal manner looks like is entirely unclear, as the exact resolution isn’t not discussed, but it’s probably enough to know that the title is coming back. We hope that everything was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction and that no one ultimately got burned by the final settlements. No timetable is given for the game’s return to Steam, but it may be slightly delayed by the fact that it’s a holiday week in the US, so we’ll have to wait and see.


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